A full list of my publications can be seen via my Google Scholar link. I am committed to making data from my research freely available without constraints — below is a list of data currently available online.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please drop me a line. Lately I have also been working with collaborators to develop software tools to support application of the research methods my colleagues and I have developed.  Most data and code can be found at

Ocean Health Index
These data include a wide range of ecological, social, political and economic data for each coastal country and EEZ in the world, as well as regional assessments in Brazil, Fiji and the US West coast.

Project website:
Science development and data repository:

Cumulative Impact Mapping
These data include intertidal and subtidal habitat extent and the intensity of stressors for every patch of the ocean. Also available are data for regional assessments in the California Current, Mediterranean, Northwest Hawaiian Islands, Great Lakes, and Massachusetts.

Global marine:
coming soon: updated global data, 5 years following
Great Lakes:
California Current:
Massachusetts: full report

As part of the Arctic Options project we have processed satellite-derived AIS data for shipping in the Arctic. These data, through time, are presented here:

The Cumulative Impacts Mapping tool allows one to calculate the impact of multiple different stressors on marine habitats and then summarize and view the results. Download the tool here from our development website or directly from github.

The Ocean Health Index tool allows one to fully calculate, explore, and visualize Index results based on regional input data. Download the tool from our development website or directly from github.